A yogurt renaissance HAS BEGUN

Yogurt has been a staple of health and longevity in Bulgaria for centuries. Our yogurt was created using carefully selected live cultures from dairy farms in Bulgaria's pristine mountains to create an incredibly healthy, delicious and authentic Bulgarian style yogurt.

Naturally, we don’t add sugar or flavors because yogurt is most nutritious in its pure form. 
But feel free to add fruit, nuts, seeds, raw honey, or whatever works for you. 

Enjoy this Probiotic Miracle food!

the man, the myth, the legend behind this miracle food.

Atanas Valev developed Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt after making it at home for nearly 20 years. Everything began with two jars of a homemade yogurt brought over from Bulgaria in 1991.

Eventually, the demand from friends and neighbors led him to start commercial production in the Catskill Mountains of New York. There is no other yogurt on the market that has the same distinctive tangy taste and homemade-yogurt aroma. 


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